Would you like to buy property in Budapest? Private story from real estate buyers from Finland: Why they choose Budapest as location to the property investment.

Are you an investor and decided to thoroughly examine the real estate market in Hungary?


Avoid the pitfalls of purchasing. Save money in the long run.

Budapest Real Estate Club offers a range of services in real estate investment management. Our professionals have the expertise to help real estate owners, investors and landlords to manage the market’s complexities and its inherent risks.

We take care of the individual needs of our clients. We provide turnkey solutions and private consultations, based on our client’s wishes. For example:

  • ● Support of research on high-yield properties
  • ● Property background checks before buyer can offer the final price to seller
  • ● Lead and finalize the purchase deal, include applying to Land Registration Title Deed
  • ● Property management, etc

Our clients can receive advice on how to research the real estate market, analyze the rules and regulations, minimize the risks involved, review return on investment and source high-yield investment solutions. Budapest Real Estate Club manages and leads the legal process of you becoming a property owner.

The most popular services which Budapest Real Estate Club can provide:

  • ● Search for high-yield property listings
  • ● Interview sellers and set up appointments for visitation
  • ● Property background checks: review ownership, condition, documentations before the purchase
  • ● Terms and conditions of the contracts: advice on the deal
  • ● Management of short-term rental
  • ● Management of long-term lease
  • ● Reliable contacts for lawyer and tax advisor

How to avoid unpleasant surprises and mistakes? We lead and look after your investments by using our very knowledgeable team. Contact Budapest Real Estate Club and get your first free consultation.

Please feel free to contact us and get consulting:
Tel./ WhatsApp / Viber +36 304 305 102 / budapest.anna.g@gmail.com
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