Business contacts

How to be a smart investor to avoid unpleasant surprises in purchasing an apartment (flat, condominium), house, land or business properties in Hungary?

Let Budapest Real Estate Club manage your investments. To secure the successful deals of our clients we provide reliable business contacts to ensure your transaction goes smoothly and safely. For example, to purchase a property in Hungary with contract, it has to be done by the lawyer of the buyer. Lawyer of the buyer ("Your" lawyer) must protect and loyally respect the interests of their clients relevant to the legal rights and obligations. Budapest Real Estate Club focuses on long-term cooperation with our partners and taking care of long-term relationships with our clients. Choose consulting services by real estate consultant, agent, lawyer, tax advisor or real estate manager. The success of your investment depends only on you!

Real Estate Consultant

research, purchase, sale and lease

Real Estate Manager

long-term and short-term rental

Real Estate Lawyer

purchase, sale and rental

Immigration Lawyer

immigration issues

Tax Advisor

individuals and legal entities

Real Estate Agent

sell and lease


Real estate consultant

  • ● Supervise the transaction from beginning to end
  • ● Assist in research of high-yield real estate
  • ● Check and analyze documentation
  • ● Check on housing status
  • ● Background check on ownership and conditions
  • ● Advise in bargaining for the price
  • ● Recommendations on the terms of the contract
  • ● Recommendations on payment options
  • ● Supervision of transactions in the 10-20% down payment, final payment, receive keys and the entry into ownership
  • ● Offer on services of other professionals

Real estate lawyer

  • ● Check the property rights of the seller
  • ● Draw up purchase contract
  • ● Apply to Land Registration applications
  • ● Apply to tax declaration
  • ● Provide escrow account
  • ● Power of attorney (POA) or letter of attorney
  • ● Draw up lease contracts

Manager of short-term rental:

  • ●    Opening tax number and other registration
  • ●    Account admin services «Airbnb» and «Booking»
  • ●    Check in and check out guests
  • ●    Control on cleaning service
  • ●    Control on laundry service
  • ●    Minor repairs and maintenance

Real estate assistant:

  • ●    Renewal of the utility payments
  • ●    New owner registration for gas, water, electricity and internet
  • ●    Assistance to get home-insurance
  • ●    Check the mailbox and inform the owners about the letters / correspondence (possible translation into English)


  • ●    Construction contractors services
  • ●    Services of technicians
  • ●    Interior designer
  • ●    Delivery and installation of furniture

Immigration Lawyer:

  • ●    Consideration of individual cases
  • ●    Assistance in applying for visas
  • ●    Assistance in applying for a residence permit

Tax advisor or accountant:

  • ●    Company opening and registrations
  • ●    Tax returns to individuals
  • ●    Tax returns to legal entities

Real estate agent:

  • ●    Property for sale
  • ●    Property for long-term lease

Additional services

  • ● Interpreter
  • ● Driver
  • ● Cleaner


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