Budapest Real Estate Club

  • The idea behind Budapest Real Estate Club was formed in 2014. This is when the club’s founder, Anna Bridge, purchased her first property in Budapest. As a foreign citizen, she experienced many challenges in the Hungarian real estate market (from an investor’s perspective)

    After several years of working with International clients, Anna became an independent expert on real estate investment and management. She is a private advisor and supports many clients with specific requirements.

    Anna Bridge is an independent real estate advisor (not a real estate agent).

    Budapest Real Estate Club’s mission is to guide our clients through a successful transaction. Our goal is to streamline the process by minimizing the risk from researching high-yield properties, finalizing the deal and providing a tailored solution on management.

    Our clients can obtain advice on how to research the real estate market and discover the key rules and regulations.

    They are also given guidance on:
    • Minimizing risk
    • Reviewing return on investment (ROI)
    • Sourcing high-yield investment solutions
    • Property management
    • Legal process of becoming a property owner
    • And much more…

    The most popular services which Budapest Real Estate Club provide:
    • Search for high-yield property listings
    • Interview sellers and set up appointments for visitation
    • Property background checks: review ownership, condition, documentation before purchase
    • Terms and conditions of the contracts: advice on the deal
    • Remap utility payments and bills
    • Making subsequent lease
    • Management of short-term rental
    • Management of long-term lease or 2nd home

    Anna Bridge has a very knowledgeable team and reliable business contacts (e.g lawyers). All her contacts have relevant property sales experience with many years in the industry.

    Budapest Real Estate Club also takes care of individual needs for our clients. We provide turnkey solutions and provide customized offers, based on our client’s wishes.

    Our team offers a wide range of services in real estate investment management.

    Call us today and get your first consultation for free. Anna Bridge speaks English, Finnish and Russian.

    +36 304 305 102


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